Class Video Snippets

Here we are on the last class of 6 weeks of step.  This block has been challenging but we have now reached the stage where I have to say very little and we can give it some wellie! You will see that my classes are very informal and great fun.

Our next snippet is the warm up for Bootcamp Training.  The name of this class often puts folk off but you really do work at your own pace and there are no fancy steps or choreography to worry about.  I will always give different levels and options and you have a choice of weights so it is up to you as an individual to make the right choices.  You will see the warm up is very simple but it does the trick and gets you in the right mindset for the rest of the class.

Now we are nice and warm we are going to work our arms and legs with tricep dips and squats.

Moving on now to the body bars, lunges, using free weights lying on the step, push ups and side taps.

Now we are really stepping it up! More lunges and squats AND the dreaded burpees. You will see some folk go for a different option on this.

The Fast and Last Blast is very basic. The music is faster and we are stepping with a power option and then taking it to a jog. Class members choose what they want to do. We will follow this up with a cool down and then move onto the abdominal section using stability balls or a series of sit ups. We will end the class with some back strengthening work and then a standing stretch.

This is the last week of our six weeks of aerobics. The class are now so good at this routine. I have deserted them!